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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Plastic Surgery Trends: Knee Reconstruction

Of all things to have reconstructed, for purely cosmetic reasons, we honestly didn't think the knees would be one, make that two.

As long as they're not deformed, how bad can knees be?

Shows how much we know.

Even celebrities, scratch that, mostly celebrities, e.g. Demi Moore, are reportedly undergoing the procedure, which is easier said than done. Apparently just finding a surgeon who has perfected a technique to remove saggy skin from the notoriously hard-to-correct area is a feat.

Once a Doctor has been secured, concealing the scars is where it gets even trickier.

"If you cut away skin there is going to be scarring," Alex Karidis, plastic surgeon of Hospital St John and St Elizabeth in North London, said in an interview with the Daily Mail . "If you have a neck lift you can hide the scarring behind the ear, but the knees are one of the most exposed areas of the body.

"I would always advise my clients against having knee surgery because it is impossible to hide. And even though the scarring might not be as bad as the sagging, it will be a telltale sign that you have had surgery."

The procedure is in the ball park of $10,000.

We think if you're willing to go under the knife to aesthetically enhance your knees, you're probably a candidate for Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). And you should probably be visiting a different kind of doctor.

Plus that shit's gotta be painful!

Moore's knees before and after [pictured above].

There isn't a lot of info. about the procedure on the interweb, so it must not be a huge trend. But if you've undergone the surgery or know more about it, let us know too.

Portions of this blog courtesy of the Daily Mail.


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Terry said...

Hmm. Jen, for me there is somehow a need for this, most especially with celebs. Since these are exposed parts of our body, they should have these fixed. But the problem is, since it is an exposed part, it can be seen easily. And for celebs, changing outfits is a big no-no! Oh, we can't do anything about their fashion. But for sure, this operation will help. Anyways cheers to you, Jen! :)

Terry Bayer