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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

Ashlee Simpson Wentz's name was misspelled on the cover of this week's OK! Magazine.

And--according to P6-- someone at the mag will likely be fired as a result. Oops!

Though, in that case, everyone should be fired at Us.

Image via DListed.

P.S. Just so we're clear--this is how you're supposed to spell--------> Ashley.
Dita Von Teese is topless in the December issue of German Playboy.

Pics NSFW.


And, reportedly, ex-Danity Kane member Aubrey O'Day "spent all day at a Manhattan photo studio doing a spread" for American Playboy.

Rumor has it she posed alongside lion cubs for the pictorial. [TMZ]

Way to prove people wrong, O'Day!

Page Six is reporting that-- much hated blabbermouth-- Ann Coulter was in an accident that resulted in her having to get her jaw wired shut.

Oh the irony. (If it's true anyway).

Image via The Burger.
[Via Size?]

Feast your eyes on the new Converse All Star Ox Clear, a transparent Lo-top with a white sole and white leather details.

They can be yours for a reasonable £39.99 ($61 USD). Now the question is, do you really want to go there?

Oh, and apparently there's a glow-in-the-dark and hi-top version of these plastic kicks.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yes the Speidi Marriage is Fake [Ugh to This Posting]

Well lookie here, Pustule Hilton is calling the Speidi marriage BS. (Wait, wasn't P the one who broke this story?!)

He's saying Speidi concocted the plan for publicity and money (in the ballpark of $300-grand).

And he's saying Us was in on it, which I pretty much figured. [See my previous posting Speidi Got (Probably) Fake Married in Mexico]

Still, with all of his sanctimonious spewing and finger-wagging, you should know Pustule Hilton is friends with these two tools [i.e. Speidi]; as evidenced by this staged photo of the three coming out of a church (of all places)--with Bibles in tow.

Also--it bears repeating-- PUSTULE BROKE THE STORY before Us went to press.

In other words, duh!, he was totally in on the action too.

Grossness all around. And to think, Us is one of the more credible tabs.

Bad form!

P.S. Sorry, totally called it. Now excuse me while I solemnly ponder over the depravity of American culture. How did we get here?

Image via Gossip Girls.

Related: Speidi Got (Probably) Fake Married in Mexico.

Lindsay Lohan is Back on the Bottle

This isn't really news to those who saw what Lindsay Lohan looked like during her now (sorta) infamous interview with Access Hollywood; you know the one where she expressed/incoherently mumbled her excitement for our "first colored president."

But yes, Lohan, 22, is back to her drankin' ways. And the kicker is this documented evidence i.e. grainy, black and white security cam footage from a nightclub where SamRo deejayed recently.

At least she drinks the good stuff.

Stills courtesy The Superficial.


For more visit The Superficial.

Update: I guess I should specify that Lohan reportedly pulled a bottle of Grey Goose out from under the counter, combined it with a Red Bull and drank it.

"MAC cosmetics has teamed up with Sanrio Global Consumer Products to create a Hello Kitty Cosmetics Collection," according to WWD.

The line will arrive on M.A.C’s Web site Feb. 10, in North American stores on Feb. 12 and into overseas stores in March.

For more product details visit

Do you think you could pull off "Lipstick Queen" Poppy King's new sexy sheer black lipstick and gloss?

Sadly, I cannot. Still dope though.

To purchase lipstick ($18 USD) or gloss ($22 USD) visit

Instant Update: Oh, apparently the lipstick is sold out.

Image via Fashion Week Daily.

Rumors have been swirling that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour is retiring (God willing). And it turns out, it's a touchy subject. When NY Mag caught up with the wearer-of-one-hairstyle recently--and pressed her on the subject--it was told: " I'm so sorry, I think that's an extremely rude question. Leave me alone." [The Cut]

So she's telling us there's a chance.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Speidi Got (Probably) Fake Married in Mexico

Wedded piss bliss. Speidi spontaneously eloped in (to?) Mexico last Thursday. And a professional photog just happened to be there.

Visit ONTD for the full spread.

Also, something tells me this shiz isn't even valid. According to "A marriage in Mexico is legal only if it is a civil ceremony performed at a local Civil Register Office (Oficina del Registro Civil). You can have a religious ceremony later." Also "There is a waiting period of two to three days in Mexico. It varies from state to state. Plan extra time for getting the paperwork all arranged."

In her Q & A with Us, Heidi says the wedding idea popped into her head over margaritas. So naturally she asked the locals if there was a chapel around, "and they [the locals] said yes, and it comes with a minister and a photographer. And we, suddenly were like, 'Wow, this feels like it was meant to be.' And the next thing you know, we got our margaritas in to-go glasses." (Yes, reading that made you slightly dumber.)

In other words--unless they waited for a few days, and had a separate civil ceremony--much like Speidi--this wedding is sooo fake!

Expect an oops followup and another cover story because they're douches like that.

And Us has sunk to a new low. To wit--it had to have been in on it because marriage licenses are public record. To wit--this whole thing could have been avoided--and debunked--with preliminary fact checking. To wit--we could have been spared.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Financial Reprieve for Americans who Still Hunger for the Luxury of Dining Out...

...and have an unrefined palate.

Menu Suggestion: The Five-Dollar Too Big to Fail Thick and Juicy Steak.

In case you can't watch this at work or something, the Wall Street dramz has trickled all the way down to a Denny's commercial. Specifically, Denny's says it's going to bail you out (because the government won't) with its "$4 Weekday Express Slam" breakfast.


Instead of William Sonoma cupcakes, maybe that's one of the things Oprah will be giving away this year.

Oprah's Favorite Things Episode is Going to Suck This Year

Not Happening!

Blame Wall Street. The best (and maybe the only) annual episode of Oprah is going to suck this year because the economy's in the shithole.

That's right, Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode--to air Nov. 26-- is going budget, according to Us. So instead of stuff like the loungy sailor pants, $800 Samsung camcorders and $3,600 HDTV LG refrigerators she "gave away" in 2007, a rep for the talk show host says--via statement-- Oprah'll be giving away items that "cost next to nothing"!

You'll also hear some great ideas to make your holiday party memorable and affordable," reads the statement. "And, Oprah unveils a special gift that won’t cost you a thing! Find out how to have the thriftiest holidays ever."

Ew! I hate it when people try to say "Christmas isn't about (expensive) presents."

Besides, Oprah's "Favorite Things" episode is just an hour's worth of product placement. Sure O probably likes all the things the sponsors ship to her to give away...yeah I'm not really sure where I was going that.

But Oprah should do her part to help the economy rather than try to help people cope i.e. she should endorse her sponsors' products (now more than ever) to give them a much needed sales boost.

I swear this makes sense (after all, we know what O's endorsements do for the book industry). It might even prevent some people from losing their jobs and becoming homeless.

While we're on the subject, why not wrangle up a bunch of poor people to be in the audience and give them a bunch of crazy cool stuff?!

Alright fine, real talk. I just want to see lots of women cry tears of joy as they scream/hyperventilate while jumping up and down.

Like this...

It starts 30 seconds into the clip and goes on for a looong time.

And you know Oprah's favorite things don't "cost next to nothing." So she's keeping with the real theme this year: LIES!

As I feared this episode sucked (the part I saw anyway). Oprah spent half the time talking about heartfelt notes and ugly, inexpensive ways to dress up a shoebox. Then she helped one of her chefs cook a turkey. Apparently the secret is frequent basting.

Damn you greedy autocrats. Damn you.

Vintage Pics of Angelina Jolie

Harry Langdon shoot from I don't know when.

[Via All Celebrity Pics]

Just for kicks...

Before & After