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Monday, November 3, 2008

Jesse Csincsak Gets Dumped by The Bachelorette

Geeze the Bachelor/ette shows are humiliating for all parties involved. Case in point: this YouTube video Jesse Csincsak, 26, made, wherein he describes how DeAnna Pappas (The Bachelorette Season 4) dumped him two days ago because she loves him, but she's not in love with him; and correspondingly revealed that she's been watching too many romcoms.

Remember this video future Bachelor/ette contestants. This could be you.

It's not easy being green

See what platitudes Pappas, 26, spewed to InTouch about the breakup.

Update: Apparently Csincsak also took his tears to Extra tonight, albeit in a different green sweater.

Is he starting to remind anyone else of Tricia Walsh-Smith (The Crazy, YouTubing, Unsexed Housewife of New York)?