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Sunday, November 2, 2008

John McCain's Appearance on SNL: Hilarious, But Also Kind of Sad...For Him

So much was funny about Sen. John McCain's faux QVC segment on this week's episode of SNL. But Cindy McCain may have been the best part; namely because she acted like the same mute Stepford Wife she's been for the ENTIRE campaign; and she gets that it's funny. (Also, besides beer, I think she may have found her calling. Yes, Cindy's brittle hands were practically made for showcasing jewelry on QVC.)

Of additional note: Sen. McCain departed from his role as the cantankerous crankpot of the campaign trail, and came off as likable and humorous.

Here's the clip. It's hilarious,

but also kind of sad when you think about it from McCain's perspective (which you totally shouldn't do).