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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I Won't Have What Joaquin Phoenix is Having

Not if it's going to make me cranky or slur (to the point where other people notice).

Yeah, you've probably heard: Joaquin Phoenix says he's quitting acting for good. Well now, here's the video of his announcement.

Call me crazy, but I think he may have been on something. Although in defense of Phoenix being a crankpot, that Extra reporter did lean on him while laughing in his face.

Also, that mustache totally disguises his cleft lip. (Apparently the term harelip is offensive, so don't go around saying it as you point at people.)

Oh, and this isn't the first time Phoenix, 34, has been fucked up on camera. I seem to remember an appearance he made on Leno in the early 2000s. Unfortunately, I can't find it anywhere.

Still looking...

Okay the episode I'm talking about aired on May 10, 2000. But I still can't find the clip. At the end of the interview Leno says, "Maybe next time you can be here in person"--or something to that effect.

[Video via ICYDK]


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