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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Meet Hugh Hefner's New Twin Gold Diggers

In case you're out of the loop, Holly, Bridget and Kendra (who I admittedly kinda like) are out, and a whole new bevy of bimbos is in, including 19-year-old twin sisters (gross) Karissa and Kristina Shannon. [Pictured Above]

Forget that Hugh Hefner, 82, and his girlfriends have orgies together, so that's kind of like incest, the Shannon sisters seem a little too enamored with their new lifestyle.

Case in point: their joint Myspace page, which includes a photo album titled "PLAYBOY CALIFORNIA!"

Yeah, they really want you to know they hang out live at the Playboy Mansion, so they've included pictures of "THE GRATTO!" (which they spelled incorrectly in the caption accompanying this pic), TWO pictures of the front of "THE PLAYBOY MANSION!" and a pic of "THE MAIN ROOM IN THE PLAYBOY MANSION!"

[Click to Enlarge]
Which most of us have already seen on the Girls Next Door.

The Shannon Twins also included some blurry-ass pictures of themselves standing next to and kissing their shared wrinkly boyfriend.

And then there's this humorously titled pic: "holly having fun at dinner."

It's hard to tell, due to the size, but Holly totally looks like she was having a blast...considering the photographer (aka Karissa or Kristina) was literally trying to move in on her old man.

Which brings us to the twins' takeover of Hef's Myspace page. Instant Update: Actually I think they just created a new one. The old one has sort of been abandoned.

[Click to Enlarge]

Note "Hugh's" personal quote: "Managed By Kristina and Karissa Shannon;" and his choice of song: Manfred Mann's "Blinded by the Light."

Karissa and Kristina have come a long way since their days of beating people with blunt objects (shame they're still in to tag teaming (sorry)).

Yes, in addition to their love of the exclamation point, the Shannons' have a penchant for fighting; sometimes with each other.

According to TMZ, Karissa bashed a former Wing House(?) co-worker--Erica Civello-- over the head with a beer bottle in January and then both sisters "jumped her." The incident landed them in a Petersberg, Florida jail for felony aggravated battery; and left Civello with a concussion. [TMZ]

Enter mugshots.


In a separate incident in November 2007, Karissa was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge...for repeatedly kicking her sister in the head.

Also according to TMZ:
"When cops showed up, Kristina was lying on the ground outside their apartment 'wearing only blue jean pants' and 'bleeding from her nose,' while Karissa was standing over Kristina asking who had done this, 'as if she had no idea what had happened.' Best part: a neighbor said he witnessed the one twin kicking the other twin in the face, though 'he could not identify which sister was which.' Karissa eventually fessed up."

Images via Shannons' Myspace, Hef's Myspace and Scandalist.


Morgan said...

I don't even want to watch the show anymore.

Jen said...

I know it sort of ruins it.

Anonymous said...

Ugh........they are so trashy and low class. I can't stand it.

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