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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aubrey O'Day Gets Kicked Out of Danity Kane

Well this is enough to get me out of semi-retirement. Albeit not surprising, apparently Diddy Daddy kicked Aubrey O'Day out of Danity Kane during last night's episode of Making the Band 4. (Darn! I missed it.)

If you're a regular reader, you know O'Day, 24, is one of Earthnocentric's favorite train wrecks; and you also know it was just a matter of time before this happened.

O'Day and her crazy, porn-star-inspired antics have been angling to get out of the group for a while. Still, there may be another wrench in this twisted tale.

After the show aired O'Day released a weird/cryptic "exclusive" statement to Perez Hilton, in regard to her ousting.

She says:
"I didn't watch the finale, so I have no idea what story was told. The only comment I can make is… I wish that the world would focus more on the presidential election, the debates, the issues our country is facing, and the fact that if we don't vote for Obama our country will suffer beyond repair."
Uh, the world's pretty damn focused on the presidential election (egomaniacal much). But she's right, Obama better win.

Speaking of the debates though, does anyone else get the feeling that, despite all of his yammering about health care and taxes, Sen. John McCain has no actual, you know, plans for health care or taxes?

To be fair-- if we go by last night's debate--Obama seems to think the financial crisis (Panic of '08) is solely due to government deregulation. Hopefully providing an oversimplified answer to this mess is just a tactic for coaxing confused, exasperated voters into blaming the Republican Party.

Cause if not, uh oh.

I digress. Here's O'Day looking more radiant than usual at the New York premiere of Body of Lies (ha!) on Sunday.


Also here she is with her poor parti-color puppy at the Ivy Hotel in late September.


Lastly, aww my two favorite people.

Update: Okay so I just caught a repeat of the show and it ended with a To Be Continued... Diddy Daddy did tell O'Day she was out of the group at the end of the episode. But I kinda don't think she really is.

The season finale of Making the Band 4 airs next Tuesday.