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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Heather Locklear's DUI Arrest was a Set Up

More details from Heather Locklear's weekend DUI-arrest are beginning to emerge. And if accurate, the circumstances leading up to her trip to the pokey are pretty effin' shady.

According to TMZ, the person who called 9-1-1 to report Locklear, 47, was ex Us Weekly staffer Jill Ishkanian...who is currently "under investigation by the FBI."

TMZ writes:
Ishkanian, who allegedly hacked into Us Weekly's computer system to locate celebs after she left the mag, was following Locklear in the Montecito area. Ishkanian watched the actress go to a market. When Heather got in her car, Ishkanian called 911, even though the car wasn't even moving at the time.

Now get this -- sources say immediately after Ishkanian called 911, she called a paparazzi agency to give them the heads up Heather was about to be popped. TMZ obtained those photos, not knowing it was Ishkanian who set the ball in motion.

And it gets worse. Ishkanian apparently is the only witness who says Locklear was driving erratically and that she was drunk, even though it's already established she was not under the influence of alcohol.
Wait, so does this mean Locklear didn't repeatedly run over a pair of sunglasses?! Cause that would suck.

Also, it kinda seems like TMZ might be sticking it to Ishkanian. I mean the cops obviously thought there were grounds for Locklear's arrest. And to this

"Ishkanian watched the actress go to a market. When Heather got in her car, Ishkanian called 911, even though the car wasn't even moving at the time."

I say, how did Locklear get to the market?

is definitely right about one thing though, Locklear wasn't drunk. No, police believe she was driving under the influence of a prescription medication/s, which is just as bad sometimes. (And come on, that glassy gaze is not the look of sober.)

Still it's all very shady, not to mention mean. Locklear's been having a rough year.

P.S. Ishkanian's 9-1-1 call is weird. She sounds way too elated to be a normal, concerned motorist. Listen to it here.


Gene said...

When you are nailed by someone under the influence of prescription medication the injuries can be fatal or as bad as alcohol. Montecito has a rich old gal in prison now for killing a father. A young Montecito girl killed a doctor, she got knocked up and may avoid prison. Both accidents were under the influence of alcohol. Locklear is a sad one but darn lucky she didn't kill someone.

If Ishkanian committed crimes I hope they nail her, too. She did Locklear a favor to get her attention.

Jen said...

totally agree w/all your points, Gene! And that's sad. Thanks for your comment though.