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Monday, November 24, 2008

Speidi Got (Probably) Fake Married in Mexico

Wedded piss bliss. Speidi spontaneously eloped in (to?) Mexico last Thursday. And a professional photog just happened to be there.

Visit ONTD for the full spread.

Also, something tells me this shiz isn't even valid. According to "A marriage in Mexico is legal only if it is a civil ceremony performed at a local Civil Register Office (Oficina del Registro Civil). You can have a religious ceremony later." Also "There is a waiting period of two to three days in Mexico. It varies from state to state. Plan extra time for getting the paperwork all arranged."

In her Q & A with Us, Heidi says the wedding idea popped into her head over margaritas. So naturally she asked the locals if there was a chapel around, "and they [the locals] said yes, and it comes with a minister and a photographer. And we, suddenly were like, 'Wow, this feels like it was meant to be.' And the next thing you know, we got our margaritas in to-go glasses." (Yes, reading that made you slightly dumber.)

In other words--unless they waited for a few days, and had a separate civil ceremony--much like Speidi--this wedding is sooo fake!

Expect an oops followup and another cover story because they're douches like that.

And Us has sunk to a new low. To wit--it had to have been in on it because marriage licenses are public record. To wit--this whole thing could have been avoided--and debunked--with preliminary fact checking. To wit--we could have been spared.


Morgan said...

I second that they are DOUCHES!!!!!

Jen said...

What about the fake marriage theory? Yea or nay?

Anonymous said...
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