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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupré Photo Gallery

Since Gawker fell down on keeping a "definitive photo gallery" of Ashley "Kristen" Alexandra Rae Maika DiPietro Youmans Dupré--the hooker involved in the Spitzer scandal-- I thought I'd pick up where it left off.

The pictures below are from Dupré's Myspace profile.
Ashley's Myspace caption: "me passed out...I do that often. 2007"
My interpretation: Ashley is pretending to be asleep for flattering photo-op.
Ashley's Myspace caption: "Little Brazil..represent that."
My lack of interpretation: Wait, you're representing what?
Ashley's Myspace caption: "Vegas 2006."
Ashley's Myspace caption: "Who me? No, not me. January 2008"
My interpretation: Boredom inspired pic. Semi-successful attempt at being cute.Ashley's Myspace caption: "St. Tropez 2007."
My interpretation: Man, the owner of that boat is dropping a phat wad--pun intended-- to have her accompany him on his vacay.No Caption.
My interpretation: Another--man-hands accentuating-- boredom inspired pic.
No caption
My interpretation: Uh-oh, she's bored and high...again.
No caption
My interpreation: Wow! People really do put their best--unrecognizable--pics on Myspace.

The picture below was taken from the Emperor's Club Web site before it was shut down. I'm not sure how this picture was determined to be of Dupré since her face is obscured, but I'm posting it anyway.

The pic below is from a Myspace google cache dated March 6. Sorry the photo isn't bigger.
The picture below is from Dupré's Amie Street music profile.
The pictures are from Dupré's high school yearbooks. I swiped them from The Smoking Gun.
The pictures below are from Hotties in the News, which has the most comprehensive Dupré gallery.
The Pictures below are also from Hotties in the News, but they were taken from The New York Post photo exclusive. For some reason the photos are no longer on The NYP Web site.

The pictures below are from her brother Kyle Youmans's Myspace page.

The picture below is a good indication that Dupré is not as hot as she'd like us to think.The Pictures below are from The New York Post.I recognize this is a stupid posting, but I'm obsessed with this shiz.


David B. Dancy said...

Wad? Vacay? That was definitely the higlight reel of this post.

Jen said...

Yeah. I think so too. This was a half-assed post.

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