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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Beckinsale Says Her Vagina is Her Best Feature

In the March issue of Allure magazine, which is on sale now, actress Kate Beckinsale boasts that her best feature is her Vagina. She even dotingly refers to it as "Pharaoh's Tomb" and "my twat."

Beckinsale tells the mag, ""My best feature is unfortunately a private matter, although I'm told it is spectacular. But you can't really walk it down the red carpet. What can I say?"

She does stress, however, that she's not a skank. "I've only ever had about three boyfriends, she says. "Only a handful of people have seen into the Pharaoh's Tomb!"

I don't want to hate on her fabulous fortress, but this is kind of pathetic.

Portions of this blog entry courtesy: Perez Hilton and
Image courtesy: Allure.


David B. Dancy said...

I just laughed out loud..what is happening?

Jen said...

That's awesome. I'm glad you like my blog!