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Friday, March 7, 2008

Making Sense of "Rock of Love 2"

I don't want to imply that the show Rock of Love 2--where chicks, who look like strippers, vie for the affection of Bret Michaels--is deep or perplexing. Let's face it, the more you watch the dumber you get. But I figured out why all the girls on the show hate Kristy Joe.

The answer is...wait for it...she's fucking Bret Michaels, which also explains why he has kept her in the game for so long.

The episode six extras, on the VH1 Web site, are what clued me in.

After Michaels and Kristy Joe get back from their group date, Michaels tells her that he wants to take her back to his room so they can discuss a letter she wrote him. He asks her if she's drunk. She says it "depends," and as the two walk toward his groupie love den she says something like, "you're putting me in for the slaughter." He says don't worry about it, just tell the other girls we're talking about a letter. Then he opens the door to his bedroom and coos, "now lets hump."

Who says romance is dead?

Check out the video below:

What also surprised me is how often the entire cast manages to incorporate the word "fuckin" into their vocabulary. Perfect example below.

And while you're at it check out Daisy De La Hoya's--niece of boxer Oscar De La Hoya-- MySpace default picture. She claims that white powdery substance on the mirror is "flour."

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