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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Stray Cats Are Having a Worse Day Than You

Apparently there's an abundance of stray cats in the city of Randolph, Iowa.

The solution: entice its residents with a five dollar bounty for each feral kitty they capture.

According to FOX News, "under the new policy," which went into effect March 1, "stray cats without collars will be taken to a veterinarian in the nearby town of Sidney — Randolph has no vet clinic — where they'll be kept 'for a time for people to claim them.'

"If not, they'll be euthanized and buried."

I guess it's better than the alternative.

"One guy threatened to shoot all of them. I told him he couldn't do that in town," Randolph Mayor Vance Trively said of the homeless felines. "Other people talk about poisoning them, but you can't do that in town."

I think that old Mayor Trively is giving the implicit go-ahead to murder the pesky critters outside city limits. He's that fed up with those damn cats! But that's just my take on the situation :).

This video will you give you a better sense of what's going on.

The stray cats in Randolph, Iowa are definitely having a worse day than you!

Portions of this blog entry courtesy of FOX News.

[The above photo is not of the cats in Randolph. It's a random pic I copied from Google images; just in case the snow didn't give it away.]

And not for the squeamish, check out this video of Dawn Tiatia . She definitely had a worse weekend than you. She was scalped while riding a go-cart. Beware the clip is depressing.


Kelly said...

poor cats it is the towns falt for letting it get so bad

Jen said...

I know :(. Thanks for checking out my blog Kelly!

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