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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Akon Gets Slap-Happy

Apparently Akon slapped a female concertgoer in the face for being too grabby during a recent concert. The blow, reportedly, caused the girl to fall; although it's hard to tell from the clip (seen above).

Also, in mid 2007, Akon, 35, was filmed (seriously) dry humping a 15-year-old preacher's daughter onstage at one of his club gigs. (In his defense, though, that girl did look like she'd just turned 18, and how was he supposed to know her dad was a preacher?)

And he is, additionally, facing criminal charges for picking up and throwing some dude off a stage at a June 2007 show in New York. Oh, and a female concertgoer is claiming she suffered a concussion because the dude landed on her.

Dry Humping


Personally I kinda blame the people who are still paying to see Akon live. It's all fun and games until some one gets hurt...or humped.

Videos via Break, Brightcove and GoFish.


humanobserver said...

Female concertgoers should enjoy their gigs, instead of trying to woo performers. It is difficult to understand the mindset of today's performers....

Jen said...

I'm not sure she was trying to woo him so much as she was trying to take part of him home as a souvenir.