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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Perk of Being in the Running for First Daughter

You can have some one else draw up a picture book (for which you'll barely have to write anything), make lots of money off of it and get practically all of the credit.

"I'm so proud that she would be an author at such a young age but, more important, that her first work would be about her father," potential first lady, Cindy McCain said of daughter Meghan's foray into the world of illustrated books.

[Meghan McCain, 23, autographing copies of her book--My Dad, John McCain--at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday.]

According to The Caucus (in reference to Meghan's book--My Dad, John McCain):
What might seem like a nice little gesture on behalf of her father is actually a very big business, with over 200,000 copies printed. And an aide to the family said that over 400 people had shown up for signings.
And yes, Meghan is the same McCain daughter who gets her hair did, and her lunch on, with The Hills' Heidi Montag.

Images via RateVin and The Caucus.

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