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Friday, September 19, 2008

Anne Hathaway is High Maintenance (Surprise!)

[Anne Hathaway and Raffaelo Forrieri
off the coast of St. Barts, 2007]

Fresh off a four-year stint with, the now incarcerated, conman Raffaelo Folliere (who she may or may not have outed), Anne Hathaway is now being reported as demanding. And kind of a bitch.

According to OK!:
Rumors of high-maintenance requests have swirled around the actress, making many wonder whether Anne is taking a cue from a different character from the popular movie [The Devil Wears Prada] about a demanding boss and those who serve her. After delaying a day of interviews with just her breakfast order, Anne is beginning to resemble editrix Miranda Priestly instead of down-to-earth Andy.“Anne requested lattes but only ones with soy milk, so she made a guy go out and bring back five soy lattes for her and her crew,” Then she requested scrambled eggs since she didn’t like the breakfast available. The same guy had to go to a restaurant next door and ask for the eggs. It took 45 minutes, and then she barely even touched them!
By Hathaway's own admission, she can be difficult to work with. In the October issue of W Hathaway says she reacted rudely when her Rachel Getting Married director Jonathan Demme made changes to the script.
"I said ‘Jonathan! Why did you change this?! It was better the other way and here’s A, B, C, D, E, F, G why!’ And he smiled at me and said, ‘Hey, Annie? Maybe instead of telling me why I’m wrong, you could ask me why I made the choice I made.’” With that response, she says, memories of herself being dismissive or abrasive on sets past came rushing back. “I instantly felt so ashamed,” she says. “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful to people, but that’s exactly what I had done for years.” --Excerpted from W.
And then there are rumors that Hathaway, 25, and her Bride Wars co-star Kate Hudson, 29, didn't get along; rumors that were kind of confirmed when Hathaway couldn't even fake her way through The View.

But on a positive note, Hathaway is getting Oscar buzz for her role in Rachel is Getting Married; in which she plays a drug addict who returns home for her sister's wedding. Couple that hype with all of the Forrieri drama, which has earned her more publicity than any of her movies* (and might actually explain some of the hype), I'd say Hathaway's star is on the rise. Expect her to be more famous than ever.

Image via Vanity Fair. (I've said it before, but if you haven't already, read this VF feature on Forrieri.)

* Jake Gyllenhaal and Health Ledger got most of the attention for Brokeback Mountain.


Morgan said...

I had a feeling she was a big ol'bitch. I mean do you really need to stay in a 35K a month apt...ah no!

Jen said...

Yeah that's crazy. I had a feeling too. I just needed more "proof" before I said anything.Did you read that Vanity Fair article?

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