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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

October Vogue Features Chewbacca Chic (?)

[Vogue's interpretation of the mountain goat?]

What a difference a month makes. In the September issue of Vogue, editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour stated: "We were always conscious that fashion may not be, in this period of economic and political uncertainty, at the forefront of our readers' minds. We've tried, therefore, to edit the collections with value for money in mind."

Since then Lehman Brothers crumbled. Merill Lynch sold out. AIG sought a multi-billion dollar lifeline. "Analysts beat the drums of doom." The Fed intervened to save Wall Street ( and correspondingly the nation's economic stability), with tentative plans to pump over half a trillion dollars into the markets . And when the dust finally settles, some predict the USD will be worth diddlysquat (that's a technical term) and the country, as a whole, will be further entrenched in ENORMOUS debt.

In keeping with the times, for the October issue, Vogue decided to showcase fur.

Grossly decadent? Yeah, kinda. A crime against animal-ity? That's for you to decide. But unequivocally, Vogue's biggest offense is that it's pitching Chewbacca-like coats to its readers.

[Click to enlarge]
[D&G Coat made from Mongolian goat fur]

And if you're not sold on the Wookiee-wear, Vogue would like to bring this Yeti-inspired coat [seen left] to your attention.

Because who knows how to stay warm better than the Abominable Snowman?

Fret not though, because looking like a Wookiee/ Yeti/wildebeast will only set you back by about $30,000( i.e. waaaay more than the average mortgage payment).

P.S. And what kind of crap-shit is this, Vogue?!?!

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This photo is from a different editorial in same issue. See if you can spot anything redeeming about the look.