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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A WTF? Fashion Moment Courtesy Maison Martin Margiela

Just when I think my fashion sense s'all sophisticated --and I begin to take pride in my ability to find beauty in what most would quickly deem fug-- a designer like Maison Martin Margiela earns high praise for his showing at Paris Fashion Week and leaves me totally confused (and in this case, also kind of scared).

I mean really with the hair? It's "art" and people aren't really going to wear these pieces, right?

FYI: Margiela's Paris fashion show on Tuesday marked the brand's 20th anniversary; a landmark event made more significant by abounding rumors that Margiela was looking for a successor and ready to retire. However, a spokesperson for the always elusive designer, who refuses to directly answer questions from reporters, tried to assuage the fears of his followers, and reportedly 'categorically denied' Margiela, 51, was going anywhere...for now.

In addition to a coat, seemingly made from blonde Barbie doll hair [pictured above]
, the Margiela spring 2009 collection featured an array of crazy-ass wigs, ranging from enormous platinum afros, worn backwards, to I-don't-what-this-is.

Though it has teeth and undoubtedly bites.

But set aside the wigs, and odd use of hair, for a second. And take in possibly the worst camel toe known to womankind.

It's either that or a backwards thong. Regardless, talk about uncomfortable. It almost (emphasis on almost) makes you see past the M&M-inspired leather jacket equipped with sleeve stirrups; or that the model's face is obscured by some sort of nylon-looking mask.

Still, if this collection's all about fun, and not meant to be taken seriously, then kudos! Job well done.

More from Maison Martin Margiela's 20th anniversary show courtesy The Cut.


P.S. Cousin Itt chic?

Visit The Cut or for even more.


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