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Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's Sexy Pics [Click to Enlarge]...

Pete Wentz was delivering numbnuts or something in Hollywood on Thursday.


Oh no Kendra Wilkinson, 23, din't wear those star studded, foam (?), platform flip-flops with that monogram Gucci bag.

Hugh Hefner's maybe ex-girlfriend flopped around in these shiteous kerplunkers while running errands in West Hollywood on Wednesday. And Holly Madison more than likely clobbered her over the head with that Gucci purse before she decided to pair it with them.

Image via Hollywood Tuna.
Wait, Holly Madison couldn't have been trying to lay a smack-down on Wilkinson (good thing too, cause she woulda lost). No, Madison, 28, was busy having a camera shoved down her shirt instead.

Uncensored pics below kinda NSFW.



humanobserver said...


pix of Pete Wentz- that was really hilarious.....

come to Kendra- so so but still looks sexy......

Holly-thanks to paparazzi....

Jen said...

Yeah the pics of Holly are totally due to the paps being assholes. But knowing that's pretty much what they're about should have made Holly think to wear a bra.