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Monday, September 29, 2008

Jack Osbourne Helps Chase Down a Mugger

The Jack Osbourne of yore, i.e the Jack Osbourne we knew and kinda liked on the MTV reality show The Osbournes, is nowhere to be found.

He's slimmed down, appears to lead a healthy lifestyle, climbs rocks in his spare time and helps chase down muggers?

Yes apparently Osbourne, 22, helped chase down a mugger on Saturday, after he reportedly saw him steal a woman's bag.

Along with five other good Samaritans, including a paramedic, Osbourne then wrestled the mugger and pinned him to the ground until authorities arrived.

“I could see the girl was in trouble, it just felt like the natural thing to do," Osbourne (The Prince of Sunshine?) said. "I’m glad it turned out okay.” [People, News of the World]

Um, yeah.