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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crazy-Riduculous Quote of the Day

"I think the market is bigger than anyone knows. I love art and this proves I'm not alone and the future looks great for everyone!"-- Damien Hirst, artist/glorified taxidermist, who broke art auction records on Tuesday, when 218 of his pieces sold for around $20o million.

Yeah Hirst, "the future looks great for everyone"...who has $18.4 million to spend on a "sculpture" made with formaldehyde.

FYI: That's how much he got for his formaldehyde "sculpture" The Golden Calf [seen above]. Although the piece is not so much a sculpture as it is a REAL, DEAD calf, encased in a fancy box, soaking in some sort of formaldehyde solution.

Yes, someone paid almost 20 mil for a dead calf with a gold disc on his head!

Hirst also added: "I'm totally exhausted and amazed that my art is selling while banks are falling. I guess it means that people would rather put their money into butterflies than banks -- seems like a better world today to me."

And then he rolled around in a pile of hundred dollar bills.

Info. and images via AFP.