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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Naomi Campbell Begins Community Service, Arrives Fashionably Late

Noami Campbell began her 200 hours of mandatory community service in a soup kitchen on Tuesday.

But don't feak out, she didn't have to actually ladle or serve any food to the homeless.

Much to the annoyance of her fellow community service-ers, who were assigned to wash dishes, clean and, you know, do stuff, Campbell, 38, was put to "work" shuffling papers in the back office. (Yes, they probably hid all blunt objects, e.g. staplers, paper weights, etc.)

According to one aggrieved worker, the model was treated "like a princess" and added: "It's usually pretty grueling work but not for her."

Cry me a river...or something.

Also, Campbell was 10 minutes late because her limo driver got lost.

The community service sentence stems from an April incident at Heathrow Airport, where Campbell admits to having assaulted police over a misplaced piece of luggage.

Info. via Daily Mirror.

P.S. The question is, will she or won't she strut out of this community service stint in a D&G gown?

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