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Monday, September 15, 2008

Lindsay Lohan in October 'Elle'

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Lindsay Lohan is (unflatteringly featured) in a series of photos for the October issue of Elle, supposedly, because she's some sort of go-to girl for style. And conveniently enough, it afforded LiLo the opportunity to pimp a tattered-looking pair of leggings [seen above] from her line-- 6126 (so named because that's Marylin Monroe's birthday).

More than anything, though, I wonder what the heck was Elle thinking with this spread?' (No offense to photographer Stephen Shore.) The funky cropping, in some of the photos, lends a weird catalog vibe. And that aside, Lohan looks pretty effing terrible (exempting maybe the top pic).

This pic [below] was a candidate for the most fug, despite a cute green, wool and silk Oscar de la Renta dress, because when enlarged to scale Lohan, 22, looks like an old, haggard, bleached-out mess.

Also, it looks like her left eye is freaking missing. However, worse still...

Elle had her rock a pair of, the much ridiculed, frumpy Katie Holmes jeans.

The rest of the mess...


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