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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Katie Holmes Has Been Wearing Ugly Jeans

And the blogosphere seems to have a problem with it. So let's just get all the heckling out of our systems now. Because, considering the way things are going, she's likely to keep wearing them.

Here's Katie Holmes on August 5 in NYC. Jezebel's main contention seems to be the button fly. While IDLYITW doesn't appreciate the "1980's peg legged style."

Oh, that's her again on August 2. DListed's Michael K. (sarcastically?) said the tightly rolled jeans were growing on him; and something about a tiger's penis. And even, always nice, Just Jared questioned her fashion choice.

This is what Holmes was sporting, while moving into her Manhattan apartment, on July 31. The mess of a look warranted The Superficial to pose this question: "Anyone starting to think Tom Cruise is turning her into a tall, thinner (and more manly) version of himself?" Maybe. Fortunately, IDLYITW granted the jeans a reprieve and focused on Holmes's "three nipples" instead.

Here's where it all began, mid-July. Yeah, it's bad. Or as MK put it, "Baggy jeans, Rihanna's leftover heels and memaw hair? No."

Now let's all get lives, or find something new to criticize.

And just so you know, Holmes, 29, isn't the only one who tried to rock this look.

Although Rachel Bilson, 26, is the only one who, even kinda, pulled it off. While Teri Hatcher, 43, on the other hand, looked the most ridiculous. (Next to ornate embroidery, rhinestones and grommets, rips were the last thing those pants needed.)

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