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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madonna's Sticky & Sweet Tour is Upon Us


Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet Tour" kicked off in Cardiff *(?) on Saturday. And of course, at least one person already feels gypped.

"For £85 (approx. $158) a ticket, I was really disappointed, " said Susan Harvey of Cardiff, Wales.

"She didn't do any of the traditional stuff that everyone loves her for."

And concert-goer Danielle Wheeler, 26, said "[Madonna] was late and she didn't even thank the people."

Obviously, Madge is not without her die hard fans, who attest, "she gets better with age." But I prefer to focus on the whiners.

Anyway, in case you care, the 2-hour show was split into four sections - Pimp, Old School, Gypsy and Rave. In addition to its crew of 250, the concert involved 16 dancers, eight costume changes and £1m (approx. $1.8 million) of jewelery.

Brit Brit (Britney Spears) also played a role by appearing in a pre-recorded video, taped in an elevator. (It's underwhelming.)

And even if (like me) you'd rather Madonna just join the PTA or something, you still sort of have to give it to her.

Madge turned 50 last week, her 2006 "Confessions Tour" raked in roughly $260 million and her "Sticky & Sweet Tour," which is currently set to include 51 dates, is selling out across the globe (although Reuters reports half of her shows have yet to sell out).

Fun Fact: Eight outfit changes for one show may not seem all that excessive. But Madonna, reportedly, had 3,500, specially made, items of clothing (whipped together by 36 designers) to choose from. One designer to lend his sartorial skills was Riccardo Tisci, of Givenchy. According to Reuters he created two outfits for the show. [AP, Rueters India]

Images via Dlisted.

*Maybe this chick knows where the hell Cardiff is.

Honestly, I mostly did this posting because I was mesmerized by Madonna's bra, crotch and top hat.

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