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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Jessica Simpson to be Beer Spokesmodel

Update: Apparently the ad debuted today on Extra. And Us readers don't think it's "hot."

Jessica Simpson, 28, will appear in a forthcoming series of ads for Stampede Light Plus beer. I guess the brew comes enhanced with vitamins (hence the Plus); but really, is that why people drink beer?

Anyway, in addition to being the face of the brewski, Simpson will take a 15 percent cut of, Dallas-based, Stampede Brewing Co.'s profits.

Simpson said in a statement that as an entrepreneur she's "always looking for ways to diversify my portfolio with good ideas and good people." [AP]

If the beer doesn't suck, she stands to make a chunk of change.

From a non-mercenary standpoint, though, I question whether this is the best thing for her image. Earlier this year rumors swirled that Simpson was hitting the bottle a little too hard to keep up with, boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy's quarterback, Tony Romo, 28. Some even attributed the kidney infection, that landed her in the hospital for four days in March, to a dramatic increase in her alcohol consumption. Mind you, that was mostly according to Star, a less than reliable source. But then, the more credible, Us called her a binge-drinker in May.

Still, if at all true, it does sort of make her a connoisseur...or something. And heck, she's already gone country, so why not endorse beer? I'm all for perpetuating stereotypes.

Image via Us.

P.S. She already has me wanting to get drunk. It's past noon, right?


Morgan said...

Whats with her face?

Jen said...

I don't know, but it looks like she got hit with a tranny and Restylane stick.

Aysha "Swink" said...

She's saying "UghhhEhhh - dont drink this". Lmfao

What's with the caption - "Be Smart, Drink Smart" ...Because we clearly all have our favorite "chicken is fish?" memories from Newlyweds...Lawd.

Jen said...

Lol she does look pretty grossed out by it. Ha!

Also I kind of think since she's endorsing it, that beer is going to fail. Like it might even actually taste good, but people will see or think of J. Simpson and immediately buy Pabst instead.

And ahh Newlyweds. Chicken is fish? I miss that show.