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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kelly Osbourne May Have Been in a Fight...

... or taken a cricket ball to the face. Then again, she might have fallen down a flight of stairs in an OxyContin induced stupor; or suffered a sleepwalking mishap. She could have even pulled a Charlie Rose, choosing bodily harm instead of injuring her precious MacBook Air (assuming Osbourne has one). We may never know, cause she not telling us WTF? happened.

One thing's for sure though, Osbourne, 23, has herself one heck of a shiner. Here she is outside of her London home on Tuesday (today).


And what's up with the gauze? Hairline hair transplants?

Images via DListed.

Update: Mystery solved unfortunately. Osbourne, reportedly, "reached to get a glass from a cupboard in her kitchen and the whole piece of furniture fell off the wall on top of her, cutting her temple and hitting her in the left eye." [Mail Online]

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