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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rhys Ifan's Starts Drama at Girlfriend Kimberly Stewart's B-day

[Warning: This sort of falls under who the fuck cares? And remember the Daily Mirror is the source.]

Okay first of all, I didn't even know Rhys Ifans and Kimberly Stewart were (are) dating. Yes that's the Rhys Ifans who Sienna Miller dumped right before/after she started fuc-homewre-dating, married, Balthazar Getty. And yes that's Kimberly Stewart as in Rod Stewart's daughter; as in that chick who accidentally started a motorcycle and then promptly face-planted on the red carpet. [See clip below. It never gets old]

Okay so they're dating. I guess it was Stewart's 29th birthday last night, so they were partying it up at Bungalow 8 in London.

According to the Daily Mirror, the night started out friendly. Ifans, 40, referred to Stewart as his "girlfriend," said "she's gorgeous, she's a great laugh. We're having a good time, she's a lot of fun."

And then they downed a bottle of red wine. "He ordered the oldest whiskey in the house;" then moved on to "shot after shot of tequila." And things turned fugs.

"While dancing with pals DJ Tolula (?) and Sam Young (?), Stewart was, reportedly chatted up by a male admirer."

Ifan's didn't like it, so he put him in a headlock, almost spilled someone's "bubbly," and, allegedly screamed "Fuck off - don't touch my bird! Let's take this outside, you think you're a big man." (Eesh Sienna, you did a number.)

After that Ifans was supposedly stumbling around knocking over a bunch of people's drinks.

All the while Stewart was crying and pleading for him to stop and calm down. Specifically, she, reportedly, said: "I've had enough of this shit. Rhys don't do this, it's my birthday, stop it." :(

Actually that sounds like my typical Saturday night (minus the part about being able to get into Bungalow 8).

Thankfully, though, he did eventually calm down. And it supposedly all ended with them using eyeliner to draw hearts, and shit, on each other's faces.

Sorry this blurry-ass video of Stewart falling is all could find.

This clip is classic. There should be a better version online.

Info via Daily Mirror.
Image via Mail Online.

P.S. It just wasn't Stewart's night. You can totally see her boobs through that dress.

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