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Monday, August 25, 2008

Panettiere Blames the Po Po for Dad's DV Arrest

Remember when Hayden Panettiere's parents got all drunk and her dad was arrested for, allegedly, punching her mom in the face a couple times?

Well Panettiere, 19, is laying the blame on the Po Po, saying everything was a big misunderstanding, her dad is really sorry and he promises never to do it again. Okay so she only said it was a big misunderstanding.

Panettiere told Extra:
"It [the incident] was blown waaaay out of proportion by a sheriff who wanted his fifteen minutes of fame. My family is wonderful -- so very happy. We're all great."

Pictures of Panettiere at the Trump International Hotel and Tower Dubai party on Saturday.


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P.S. Shortly after he was released on bail, Panettiere's dad Alan also said his arrest was a misunderstanding.

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