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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

Alan Panettiere, 49, says his DV arrest was a "misunderstanding." [People]

He was also seen walking the dogs with his wife--Lesley Vogel, 52-- who he allegedly hit, repeatedly, in the face--after he was released on bail Monday.


Peaches Geldof, 19, got married in Vegas last weekend. [People]

If you have no idea who that is, all you really need to know is she's a British socialite. She was recently linked (not romantically) to one of Amy Winehouse's, supposed, drug dealers. And she was caught on tape, allegedly, buying cocaine and talking about Valium. (The video used to be available online, but now I can't find it. Sorry.)

Image via News of the World.


Adrian Grenier, 32, and Isabel Lucas, 23, split after, reportedly, dating for several months. [Us]

Lucas is best known as the chick who was in Shia LaBeouf's car when he crashed it and was arrested for a DUI, late last month. But she's also an Australian actress who has a role in Transformers 2; and will star in the vampire thriller Daybreakers,with Ethan Hawke; and Stephen Spielberg's 10-part WWII miniseries--The Pacific-- with Joseph Mazzello.

Lucas is also an animal rights activist. And was actually with Hayden Panettiere, 18, in Japan, during that highly publicized save the dolphins fiasco last November (although Panettiere got all the airplay).

Image via Fanpop.

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