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Monday, August 18, 2008

In Non-News: Semel and Lohan Dated

Don't ask me why a bunch a media outlets and blogs (News of the World, MTV UK, IDLYITW and, even the usually privy, Gawker, luckily Ryan Tate amended the posting) are acting like it's news that Lindsay Lohan and Courtenay Semel, 29, used to date. We've known for at least a month, right? I even mentioned it in passing, early last week.

So FYI peeps, "everyone" does NOT "think Samantha Ronson, 31, is Lindsay Lohan's first lesbian love."

The only (sort of) news element I can find here, is that SamRo may have stolen Lohan, 22, from Semel...while LiLo was in rehab. This is supposed to be the word of Semel, but News of the World only quoted a friend. Fishy.

At one stage, the friend added, both Courtenay and Samantha were separately visiting Lindsay at a rehab unit called Promises.

The pal went on: “By now Lindsay was sending ‘I love you’ notes to Samantha and signing them ‘Lindsay Ronson’ but telling Courtenay she loved her too."

By October, Courtenay appeared to have the upper hand. She and Lindsay moved into a rented house in Beverly Hills. “But still Lindsay brought men back,” the pal added. “Courtenay would throw fits of rage, writing her hundreds of angry e-mails from another room in the house.

“The sexual attraction between them was electric though and they’d still kiss and make up."

Also, according to an undisclosed source, who might be lying, Semel and Lohan "would do lines of cocaine in the toilets then head home and fall into bed together."

Still, I wouldn't put much stock in any of this (athough that last tidbit, about cocaine, seems plausible).

Clue #1:
News of the World didn't even get Semel's age right. She's almost 29. It says she's 25.

It also says "Lindsay Lohan’s first lesbian lover has finally revealed the sexual turmoil of their secret affair." But Semel doesn't really reveal anything. The entire story is according to the word of a friend, which is misleading.

And lastly, News of the World refers to Semel as "stunning." Yeah I know it's debatable, but...


Morgan said...

She is FUG

Jen said...

No she's not she's "stunning." ;)