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Friday, August 15, 2008

Selma Blair Discovers Her Inner Elton John

Okay so not really. Selma Blair, 36, was just filming a "pool scene" for her new sitcom Kath & Kim on Thursday in LA. The show, which co-stars Molly Shannon, 43, is a take (nice word for copy-cat) on an Australian television series of the same name.


FYI: It looks (really, really) terrible; doubly so if you've ever seen the original. [See preview below]

And, one of the show's title characters, Kim--who usually sports a muffin top--is supposed to be slightly meaty. How's Selma "Bag-o-Bones" Blair (her) going to pull that off? I read she gained 20 pounds for the role. But it sure doesn't look like it in the promo.

The show premieres October 9 on NBC.
Here in the U.S., you used to be able to catch the first three seasons of the original Kath & Kim on The Sundance Channel. But it stopped airing for some reason. Does any one know what's going on with that?

Images via Just Jared.

Random Thought: Blair is actually the one celebrity who should probably have her own clothing line. (Don't let the pink bikini or body jewelry fool you.) Too bad she doesn't.

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