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Friday, August 15, 2008

Obama's Camp Makes Typo of Death, Asks for the Wrath of Storm

I guess some sort of fashion-themed fund-raising event for Barack Obama is going down in NYC on September 9. The invitations went out, however, with one BIG problem.

Here, actually, Jossip tells it better:

New Yorkers with $10k to blow for VIP tickets (or $250 cheap seats for lowly wage slaves) are invited to a Sept. 9 Barack Obama event. It is the launch party at Charles Nolan studio for something called "Runway to Change with Special Guests Sarah Jessica Parker & Ann Wintour." Yes, Ann Wintour — that's how it went out to campaign supporters.

So you'd think Obama's organizers would be all apologetic/afraid for their lives or something. I mean have they seen The Devil Wears Prada? (Actually they probably haven't. Well then don't they know she's Storm?)

But Obama's spokesman Hari Sevugan had the nerve to joke about the blunder-of-all-blunders. "It was either a typo or the extra syllable would have thrown off the haiku we were going for," he said.

I'm scared.

Also, it was rude, apparently, because Wintour is helping Obama, 47, raise $100k-to-$200k.

Call me when it's safe to come out.

Info. via Jossip.

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