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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shannon Elizabeth Visits Orphanage, Wants to be Noticed

Shannon Elizabeth, 34, may have been in Nairobi, Kenya, visiting orphanages (or whatever it was she was doing to garner publicity and accolades), but the kid on the right sure didn't look happy to see her.

[Click to Enlarge]
What can I say? He's a little smarty pants. He knows a phony when he sees one.

Anyway, Elizabeth took to her MySpace page to write a long-ass, rambling, blog posting about her experience in Kenya.

And sorry, it just reads weird:
" has really been my favorite day. Today we were taken to the Abandoned Baby Center that Larry and Frances built here in Kenya. It's a beautiful facility that houses hundreds of children and babies. We spent time with many of the kids and they put on a show for all of us. I fed the babies in the nursery and played with a bunch of them before their nap time. "
She was at an orphanage, not a zoo, right?

Also, she fell in love with a baby girl at first sight. She couldn't keep her, but she got to name her Shannon Elizabeth.

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