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Monday, August 25, 2008

"American Idol" Gets a Fourth Judge

A new, fourth, judge will be in the mix for American Idol's upcoming eighth season. And no, Paula Abdul's prescription drugs aren't finally going to get billing.

Some Grammy-nominated songwriter and producer named Kara DioGuardi is joining the cast. DiGuardi, 37, who has apparently penned songs for Celine Dion, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguilera, etc., was, reportedly brought aboard because producers "wanted to try a change" and make the show's format more along the lines of the original Pop Idol, which had four judges.

Abdul went on Phoenix's KISS-FM on Monday and said, while excited for newcomer DioGuardi, "I am concerned about the audience and acceptance. Time will tell. We'll see."

She also mentioned that the presence of a fourth judge complicates the judging process.

"That's gonna be weird if it's a split decision," she said. "I'm sure Simon will get to make the final [call]. It takes the fun out of all the hard work I do to push those kids through."

Me thinks Abdul might be a little bitter. And I'm not really sure what she meant when she complained about all of the "hard work" she does "to push those kids through." You know she just reads what's on the flashcards (not always successfully) and seconds whomever Randy Jackson chooses. (her)

The New York Auditions begin filming on Tuesday (tomorrow) and will air on FOX in January 2009.

FYI: Tomorrow will be the first time all four of the judges sit down together. I think there's a good chance DioGuardi will be the next Dunkleman. Drama is a brewing.

Although, who knows, maybe they'll just all get along. ;)

Image via LAT.
Info. via People and MTV.


Swink said...

lol - paula how i love thee.

Jen said...

How can you not love her?