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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Samantha Ronson is Maybe Going to Write a Book

Okay so I guess Lindsay Lohan's, DJ, girlfriend (platonic?) Samantha Ronson, 31, is maybe, possibly going to become an "author."

"Well, she's certainly telling friends she's planning to write a book," a source, supposedly, close to Ronson and Lohan, told E!. "It's supposed to be about her, allegedly. But come on, you know Lindsay will be all over that book. She's the only one people want to read about."

I don't know, somehow I doubt Ronson would write a book with Lindsay "all over" it. She's not a total moron, right? And, Lohan or no, she's not exactly boring either. To wit--Ronson gets paid to travel the world and play music for the (really) rich and famous. Sure she may have initially gotten gigs because of her family connections (totally unfair!), but isn't that also sort of interesting? I mean her mom was married to Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones ; Ronson's, three-time Grammy-winning, brother produced Amy Winehouses's Back to Black; and one time, when she was growing up, Al Pacino stopped by for Christmas brunch. (Also, I have a soft spot for anyone who's ever sued Perez Hilton.) Ronson's not really hurting for material.

Apparently, though, Michael Lohan, 48, (Lindsay's dad) didn't get the memo. Plus, for whatever reason, he wants publicity; so he's fuming about a possible Ronson book.

He rants:
"I've shut up about this long enough. She's [Ronson] using my daughter. People never even knew who Samantha Ronson was until she met Lindsay. She was just some L.A. DJ. And now she's writing a book? I am at wit's end with this stuff. This is not in Lindsay's best interest. Let's just say I hope Lindsay starts opening her eyes and realizes who the people using her are."

And didn't ML "absolutely promise" his daughter he would not mention her "name in the press, at all, ever again?!"

In any event, Lindsay, 21, is not happy about his comments.

“He’s out of control,” she told Access Hollywood from the set of Ugly Betty, where she’s filming several guest appearances for the ABC show’s third season. “I want him to stop hurting and talking to the media about the people I love.”

And even SamRo has taken to her MySpace blog, where among other things she wrote, "i feel no need to publicly defend my role in lindsay's life- i'm just sorry that she likes me more than him."

Info. via E!, and Acess Hollywood.

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