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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Anna Faris Poses Clothed for "Playboy"

Well call me Positive Pracine. Because in addition to Solange, I think Anna Faris is totally adorable and likable (wow, being nice is weird). She almost makes you forget that she was in those Scary Movies and The Hot Chick.

Don't get me wrong, her upcoming movie The House Bunny looks kinda stupid...but I think it might be in a good way. [View trailer below]

Anyway, Faris, 31, is on the September cover of Playboy. And in the mag she talks about her days of being less-than-hot. (Sorry, she doesn't pose nude.)

"[In high school] I felt unattractive, short and self-conscious about my body, and I would purposely emphasize that by doing odd things," she says. "I wore glasses, braces, odd hairdos and dumpy clothes. I was clumsy and awkward. When I was a freshman I wore a Christmas tree skirt as a cape. I couldn't get any dates until senior year." (Yeah that last part doesn't exactly inspire sympathy.)


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