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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Today Around the Blogosphere...

Sources revealed "exclusively" to Perez Hilton (sorry, I'm not linking him) that Ryan Gosling, 27, and Rachel McAdams, 31, are definitely dating again.

Also, I guess that better explains why McAdams attended Gosling's DJ-ing debut on July 30.

Image via SF Examiner.
Aubrey O'Day (of Danity Kane and Hairspray on Broadway) did a taping for The Wendy Williams Show the other day. And at some point, the conversation led to O'Day, 24, saying she's never had plastic surgery.

According to P6:

When O'Day commented, "People tend to focus on certain things about my character," Williams snarked, "Yeah, the plastic surgery, the blond hair and the black men." O'Day shot back, "No plastic surgery. Definitely the black men and the blond hair. I've had no plastic surgery at all."

Uhhh, I call bulltit.

BTW: (Ugh!) The Wendy Williams Show has been picked up for syndication.
Fuck! The Hills' is back. Though how come it feels like it never left?

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Celebrity makeup artist Paul Starr was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment on Tuesday. At present the cause of death is unknown. And, reportedly, no one had seen or heard from him for several days, preceding the discovery of his body. Starr "was thought to be 48-years-old." [Us, WWD]

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