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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

And Now You've Seen Lily Allen's Flying Fist

[They both kind of look like they're trying not to laugh]

Apparently Amy Winehouse Lily Allen, 23, got into a minor scuffle on Monday night, while out boozin' in London. I guess some bystander chick started calling her names (one being a "fucking asshole") and it caused Allen to do this.

She sure showed her who's not an asshole. And fun times!

Who knows, maybe Allen just needed an outlet (of the causing corporeal harm variety) because she's pissed her label keeps pushing back the release of her album.

Bauer-Griffith has the video of the fight if you're interested. Bonus: It starts out with Allen telling the paps a joke.

Images via The Sun.

P.S. I will say I'm pretty impressed that Allen can punch a girl with one hand, and hold a cigarette with the other. That takes skill.

Also, at least her boobs are perky.

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