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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fake Eyebrows and a New Take on Mascara?

Does having foreign hair glued to your face sound weird to you? Well apparently it's one of the latest developments on the eyebrow front.

If your arches are overly plucked, or just naturally sparse, The Barshop Brows (available at the Completely Bare spas in New York), will dye and trim real-hair fibers, to match your existing brows, then individually apply them using a special adhesive, i.e. some type of glue.

More ridiculous still, the initial procedure costs (wait for it) $500!! It lasts two weeks. And then there's the 150 dollar bi-monthly visits for the upkeep (aka hidden fees). Which you'll have to do. Because by the time the "adhesive" and the hairs (that were never really yours) wash off, your eyebrows will be looking scaggier than they were to begin with.

Plus it's just a weird concept. Think about it. It's like having two tiny toupees...or something.

Moving on.

The mascara wand just evolved, thanks to Givenchy. Actually it's being called a "revolutionary ball-shaped brush". But whatevs they're asking you to bring a thing that looks like a miniature morning star near your eyes.

Still, it could be cool.

Although, its description claims to do the EXACT same thing as the rest (i.e. it supposedly "perfectly curls and separates lashes"). But... it is new.

Givenchy's Phenomen'Eyes is available at Sephora for $27.

I've been duped into to buying many a mascara. And honestly, I've never been truly (truly) wowed. Have you?

Both of these products were featured in the August issue of Elle.
Images via The Salt Lake Tribune and Givenchy.

...and where do those supposed "real-hair fibers" come from?


Morgan said...

So are you going to get the mascara?

Kathryn said...

I wanna get it!!!!

Jen said...

Maybe. It does look cool. And ha! you two.