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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christina Applegate Underwent a Double Mastectomy

Um, wow! Yesterday when I read that Christina Applegate is 100 percent cancer-free, after undergoing treatment for an early form of breast cancer, I didn't realize her treatment included a double mastectomy! Cancer was diagnosed in only one of her breasts.

It may seem like an extreme measure, reserved for an episode of Grey's Anatomy, but apparently Applegate's decision was influenced by her mother Nancy Priddy's battle with breast cancer. Years after Priddy's initial diagnosis and treatment she, reportedly, suffered a relapse. And "the Emmy-nominated star of Samantha Who? told Good Morning America interviewer Robin Roberts that she wasn't taking any chances, especially since she has the breast cancer gene, BRCA1." [People]

"Explaining her rationale in taking that dramatic step, she said, 'I didn't want to go back to the doctors every four months for testing and squishing and everything. I just wanted to kind of be rid of this whole thing for me. This was the choice that I made, and it was a tough one.'

"Over the next eight months she will undergo reconstructive surgery. 'I'm gonna have cute boobs till I'm 90,' she quipped, as Roberts pointed out how Applegate's sense of humor has helped the actress endure the ordeal. Amazingly, she had the operation just three weeks ago.


For more information visit People.
See the Good Morning America interview here.
The National Enquirer may be sinking, but it was, apparently, the first to report on the double mastectomy rumors, a couple weeks ago.

Image via The Age.

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