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Friday, September 5, 2008

Tallulah Willis Wants Your Soul

Muh ha ha ha.

Okay so this is really mean, but this blurry-ass picture of Tallulah Willis and Demi Moore (leaving a doctor's office on Tuesday) freaks me out! It makes Willis look like (the original) Damien Thorn or an angry gargoyle or one of those creepy cartoon people from the Soy Joy commercials... or something. (Blame the blur.)

So it's clear, I'm not saying Willis is ugly.

Images via All Celebrity Pics.

P.S. And YouTube commenter ilovegoogle11 is right. The cartoon dog in this Soy Joy commercial totally humps the tree (about 10 seconds in).


Morgan said...

Freaky! You know who also looks like Damien? Liz Hurry's kid Damien, see his picture in this weeks People Mag.

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