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Monday, September 29, 2008

Where is Taylor Momsen's Moms?

Yes 'Moms' is intentional. And I don't want to preach or tell anyone how to raise their kids (esp. since I don't have any, thank Bob) or anything. But after seeing a bunch of recent pics of Gossip Girls' Taylor Momsen, one question comes to mind. What are her parents doing, letting their 15-year-old daughter leave the house looking like this?!?


Momsen is like supermodel gorge. But the outfit (and makeup) she wore to the 5th Annual Fashion Rocks event on Sept. 5 is risqué even for an adult. Momsen has been a whopping 15 for all of two months!You'd never know it though.

Here's Momsen looking older than her years again at a Metropolitan Opera Gala on Sept. 22


It's hard to believe that eight years ago this was Momsen as Cindy Lou Who in the live-action, Jim Carrey, film version of Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Images via, and IMDb.


Morgan said...

I totally agree, whats with the haircut in the fashion rocks pic. I really dig the read dress its stunning on her. I hear nickname on the set is legs because her legs are so long.

Jen said...

I kinda like her haircut and also the red dress. She is frickin' gorgeous. And I didn't know that was her nickname but it totally makes sense. I just think Momsen dresses and apparently acts to mature for her age. And her parents are already grooming her younger sis Sloane for the biz.

Jen said...

Oh yeah, I'd like the red dress more on, say, a 20 something actress. I think waaay too low cut for someone who would be a freshman or sophomore in high school.

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