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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Al Gore Represents For Old Uncool White Dudes

Al Gore, 60, has a message for all you haters...

"You wish you had a Nobel Peace Prize, bitches. I got more attention than all those Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change peeps combined. What?"


Anyway, I only have a vague idea where this photo-op occured (I think it was in North Carolina). I'm pretty sure the tallest guy in the back is 9th Wonder, 33. And I read that someone thinks the rest of the people in picture are Rapper Big Pooh, Phonte, Joe Scudda and Khrysis. But I don't know if that's accurate, as I am uncool; and don't know who(m?) most of these people are. No offense.

Image via Me Myself and I.