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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Night of Humiliation: "Wipeout" and "I Survived a Japanese Game Show"

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ABC's new Tuesday night lineup kicked off with a splash.

First up was Wipeout, a show where each week 24 contestants compete in various hazardous obstacle courses. Tons of mud and giant, red rubber balls are involved. And the original 24 are whittled down to one along the way. The winner takes home 50 grand (before taxes).

As I've mentioned, I was excited for Wipeout. And while it was entertaining (replete with snarky commentary and cringe-worthy, yet laughable, instant replays), I figure, without any character development, it's bound to get old fast. I hope I'm wrong.

Highlights From the Debut Episode:

1. Obviously, the embarrassing-ass spills.

2. The Police Academy grad who let his friends dress him for the show.
3. And the go-go dancer chick who broke a nail while kicking some obstacle course ass.
I was rooting for her after that. Too bad she didn't win. Some dude named "Jazz Hands" did. (Sigh)

Moving on. I Survived a Japanese Game Show (9 p.m.) was surprisingly enjoyable. (I'm not sure why I doubted it. After all, who doesn't like a good Japanese game show? Human Tetris anyone?) Basically ISAJGS involves 10 unsuspecting Americans, who were (supposedly) told they were going to participate in a "traditional reality show" (whatever that means). Instead, they were put on a plane to Japan; and later taken to a dark, seemingly vacant, film studio.

Then this happened.

Followed by this.

Alas, someone's gotta go home every week. This time it was Darcy.

There you have it. ABC's Tuesday night of humiliation, where reality show contestants embarrass themselves for your enjoyment.

P.S. Random clip. Just cause it's funny.