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Monday, June 9, 2008

When Words Get Taken Out of Context

Billy Ray Cyrus went On Air with Ryan Seacrest (KISS-FM radio show) today to talk about his "bizarre life," among other things.

Cyrus said: "I was catching these crawdads [with daughter Noah, 8] and all the sudden this paparazzi lady jumps out with this big bazooka lens and starts snapping away. My little girl Noah looks up and says, 'Is that Annie Leibovitz?'"

Now add the Us Weekly spin.

A semi-funny anecdote turns into an insult.

As much as I love Us, if I hadn't bothered to read the rest of the story I'd have been mislead. Not good.

Update: I guess this is kinda better.

Still, it leads you to believe he's talking about Miley. Just sayin'.

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