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Monday, June 9, 2008

Uh Lou Ferrigno, Your Boobs Are Leaking

Lou Ferrigno, 56, (aka the original Hulk) appeared to be lactating on the red carpet at The Incredible Hulk premiere on Sunday in Universal City, Calif.

Yeah I can't expatiate further. I've no explanation for this shit. I had a copy editing instructor with an eerily similar problem. It was stupefying then (also, it was gross). And it's equally stupefying now.

But it reminds me, Christina Aguilera, 27, allegedly wants to keep breast feeding her kid Max until he's two! Reportedly it's an aesthetic thing. She really likes her size E-cup boobs (crikey!), and wants to keep em' that way. Eww. [DListed]

I've posed this question before: "Silicon tainted milk does a baby good?" Now I'll add: "Is two too damn old for teat?" (I'm semi-seriously interested). Is there a doctor (who doesn't treat her/has never met her) in the house?

Top image via ONTD.


RachelMachel said...

I can't speak to the hulk leaking (shudder) as for Aguilera saying she was going to breastfeed until the baby was 2 I find it admirable for a celebrity, and not as rare as you would think in terms of the general populace. it isn't something that people speak about all that often, and really when you are nursing a 2 year old you aren't doing it often or in public (maybe for bedtime, naptime, etc) you look and see a 2 year old and imagine propping that big old body up to feed him, but it isn't that way with a baby you have had in your lap every day 3-30 times a day since the baby was born.
If you want something said by someone besides me, look here
or here for good information

Jen said...

Thanks for clearing that up Rachel. I was genuinely curious. Very informative.

Anonymous said...

I want to agree with Rachel. The World Health Organization recommends babies be breast fed for a minimum of 2 years, and for as long thereafter as mutually desired by the mother and baby.

Once solids are introduced at 6 mos of age, a baby begins nursing less and less, so by two, many children are only nursing briefly for naptime, bedtime, etc. But there are still nutritional, immunological and pyschological benefits being conferred onto the child at that age.

Extended breastfeeding goes on quite a bit more, even in the uptight formula culture that is the U.S., than most people would imagine.

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