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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dear friends, fans, lurkers, stalkers and shittalkers!

Ashlee Simpson Wentz took to her Myspace blog on Sunday.

Here's what she had to say:

"The Dog Ate My Tour

Dear friends, fans, lurkers, stalkers and shittalkers!
I'm really sorry to announce that I'm going to postpone my tour this summer.
My team gave me a few reasons I could use:
1. jury duty (but you can get out of jury duty once)
2. creative differences (but I'm a solo artist so that didn't make sense)
3. not in the mood/have a headache (wait, that was an excuse for Pete! and it didn't work. See next reason)
4. the baby
...and that's where I drew the line.
The truth is I want to put on an amazing show for you the next time I come to your town. I promise I will be back, better than ever and ready to rock out. Until then,

Form your own opinions. But note the part about her plans to put on "an amazing show."

More Context: I guess she's been getting flak from The P, and the like, for canceling some of her summer tour dates or something.

She should have waited to release her album.

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