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Friday, June 27, 2008

Brooke Hogan?

Is that you in the July issue of Maxim, Brooke Hogan? I almost didn't recognize you with all of that retouch work.

Anyway, they should have at least made her wear a pair of ass-less, denim, chaps to make it remotely believable.

Also, I guess Hulk Hogan, her dad, got all protective during the photo shoot; and wanted to make sure she didn't show too much skin (uh) or something. Whatevs. I get it. They're close. He likes to rub suntan lotion on her ass. Over it.

Besides, if anything, he should have bitched about her boob job.

Left: Before Boob job. Right: After boob job.

Images via The Blemish and Popcrunch.
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