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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swift is Afraid of Losing Her Mic, Reveals so Much More

Country singer Taylor Swift is hosting TRL today to promote her new MTV show Once Upon a Prom. But she is worried she is going to misplace or lose her microphone, as she, reportedly, often does.

Swift, 18, took to her Myspace blog to express her woes:

"The way TRL works is you go out and talk and stuff twice each segment, then you go to commercial break...So there's a lot of time where you're waiting around backstage and preparing for your next live shot. And it seems like every time I'm about to go live on the air, I can't find my microphone. I always put it down somewhere and then can't remember where it is.

"Note to self for tomorrow's show: Remember where you put mic. Tape it in your hands if you have to."

Swift sounds like a girl who has played Edward Fortyhands (aka 80 Ounces to Freedom) a time or two in her lifetime. Don't let that innocent, nice, sweet personality fool you.

Plus all the cool kids are doing it.

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